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Sanada's Benbu nikki 2010.07.23 & Nozawa's Benbu nikki 2010.07.26

Hey SanaZawa lovers !

I already posted this in mis_snow_man , but for those that aren't part of this community, I post it here too.
They finally confess to each other ! (well, it's already a lot for Sanada) 

Translated by me. I'm sorry, I don't have the emoji they used and the pictures Nozawa seems to have posted

Sanapi’s Hanamichi

How are you
It’s hot isn’t it.
Do you rehydrate yourself properly ?

Well, today
I think I’ll talk about one person.

This boy
Always drinks tea
to a point you can’t believe.
His height is tall.
I would understand if it was milk,
but how can he grow up that much by drinking tea ?
The tea he likes is black Oolong tea.
He’s a guy that is reliable when it’s important…
He’s a cool guy.
But when I’m with him, I look small ne.
"Eh… aren’t you small ?"
But I’m not ne.

Well, it’s unusual that I talk about him.
Why ? Don’t I talk about him ?
Because it’s embarrassing.
I borrow this place to say one thing
(From now on yoroshiku ne
Let’s do eye contacts)
Non-chan alias Nozawa-kun [野沢くん].

PS. Sometimes, drink something other than tea (laughs)
Then, it’s embarrassing
So here, see you~ !

★Non-chan journal⑪★

Height 181cm, Weight 56kg, Body fat percentage 6%, I’m Nozawa Yûki (laughs)
Furthermore, it’s newest informations (laughs)
It’s also written in the other Benbu journals, recently I went to a training camp~
By the way, I took this ↑ picture at that time…
Iya~ I could see an unexpected side of Benbu, it was really fun.

Please watch the on air. ["O.A", if you know exactly what it means...]
I change the subject…
Recently, I went to Odaiba with a friend from middle school.
I took pictures again (laughs)
It’s beautiful isn’t it ?
It’s my favourite.
Everyone too, what about trying to take photos of the landscapes you see everyday ?
Then, bye-cha.

Wha~t ne.
I saw "Sanapi’s Hanamichi" (laughs)
There were a lot of parts to magnificiently tsukkomi (laughs)
First, I’m not 野沢…
I’m 野澤 (laughs)
And the tea that I like is…
not Black Oolong tea (laughs)
Basically it’s Green Tea.
But I don’t hate black Oolong tea either (laughs)
And concerning eye contact, we mastered it me and Sanapi.
How, it’s because it’s to the point that just by seeing the other’s eyes we almost understand what the other is thinking (laughs)

To Sanapi
I also really have faith in Sanapi.
When it’s important you put things in order, you are by my side, you’re a really reliable being.
From now on yoroshiku.
And I love you ♥ (laughs) [そして愛してるぜ♥]
It’s embarrassing, so this time it’s really bye-cha.

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